Forum Question: Quit All Apps in iPhone 4 Multitasking

On the new Iphone 4 is there a way to close all programs at one time that are in the multitasking area instead of one at a time.
Thanks Dan

— Daniel

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    7/2/10 @ 9:16 pm

    No, sorry, I’ve never seen a way to close all apps. It doesn’t take that long to close each one. Tap tap tap, etc.
    Keep in mind that it doesn’t hurt much to have them running. iOS 4 doesn’t handle multitasking like other mobile OSes. It shouldn’t take up an processing power or battery.

      5/25/11 @ 8:05 pm

      It does take up a lot of battery though… Before I knew how to quit the apps id have to charge my phone twice a day… Now I go the who day without a charge

        5/25/11 @ 8:17 pm

        It shouldn’t. I have dozens of apps running and never quit any. I easily make it all day without charging. But I have noticed that occasionally a poorly-designed app can drain battery if it is keeping a live connection to the network or GPS. So I’d suspect that it is one app doing that, not the rest.

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