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How Do I Get a Real-Time Stock Quote In Mac Numbers?

I use my own Number sheets to check my NYSE stocks. I had a formula that worked until last night.
This is it (aprox): IFERROR STOCKH $B$1 CLOSE $A2

It doesn’t show real-time quotes anymore.

Does anyone know how to use STOCK “VTMGX” (I mean the formula) to get real-time quotes in Numbers (or any other method) instead of Apple’s Previous Day Quote?

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    2 years ago

    The stock formulas are pretty straight-forward, but none of them give you real-time data. You can get the previous market day close with STOCK and the close, open, high or low of a specific date with STOCKH.

    Just look up the definition of each function in Numbers.

    When Apple launched this, more than 2 years ago in early 2017, it would give real-time quotes. Then Apple changed it a month later. They probably were in violation of some licensing agreement with real-time quotes, which usually cost money to get.

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