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Reinstalling Microsoft Office for Mac 2011 on MacBook Pro

I had a hardware issue on my MacBook Pro and have to re-install my MS Office for Mac 2011. How do I do this correctly? The product key that I have is does not seem to be the same format as the ones I see in ‘help’ pages in Google.
Douglas Swanson

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    8 years ago

    Do you have discs? Does your Mac have an optical drive? I would just try it in that case.
    Otherwise, see if there is a 2011 download at the Microsoft site. See if that works.
    If both of those fail or are not an option, then I would contact Microsoft's Mac office support.
    I looked it up and found this at Microsoft's site: Does that help? If not, then you'll definitely need to contact them.
    Of course, you can always decide it is time to update to the most recent version. I'm using and Office 365 subscription myself to pay an annual fee and always be up-to-date on MS apps. I use them professionally, so it is a no-brainer for me.

    8 years ago

    I had to do the same thing. With no product code.
    Went to microsofts software site and located the download. It requests a product key or an email that you registered when you first installed. I got the software back with my hotmail email.

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