Forum Question: Safari 5 Problems

Sth wrong with safari 5? Its the browswer that i have been using all my life and well now with safari 5 when i try to use it at home….it works fine for a first couple of minutes and then after that it cuts off the internet and i have to restart the router to get the internet working….moved to firefox because of this…but i really wish using safari

— Memphis

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    7/28/10 @ 6:16 am

    I haven’t experienced any problems like that with Safari 5. Do you have any browser plug-ins installed? Any modifications at all?
    And it doesn’t help to simply restart Safari? But you can run Firefox and not have this issue?
    That is very odd. I can’t think of anything that a browser should be able to do to your router to cause a problem like this. If the browser is having trouble, then it should clear up by restarting the browser. Restarting the modem doesn’t make any sense — unless it also happened with Firefox or another browser too.

    7/29/10 @ 1:06 am

    Yep with the new update to safari 5.0.1 now safari is working fine…but before it didnt work

    Glad the update came up

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