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Safe To Upgrade iMac With Fusion To High Sierra?

Heard warning not to update iMacs with fusion drives when public version of High Sierra was launched.
Attempts to explore whether still a concern have been futile.
If you have updated such a iMac, any negative issues?

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    2 years ago

    I’m not sure what you mean. Perhaps you misunderstood some of the information about High Sierra and Fusion drives.

    High Sierra is the first version of macOS to use a new Apple file system called APFS. If you have a Mac with a solid-state drive, like all new MacBooks, it will update the file system on that Mac to APFS for improved speed and performance. But if you have a Mac with a Fusion drive, then it will not upgrade the file system on that drive. That’s fine. It doesn’t need to. High Sierra runs fine on the older file system too.

    So the warnings about High Sierra and Fusion drives was simply that if you have a Fusion drive, you won’t get that one benefit of High Sierra. That’s all. There was no warning not to upgrade, as far as I know with everything I have read.

    I believe this is still the case, as I haven’t heard any different. iMacs with a Fusion drive won’t be converted to APFS when you upgrade to High Sierra. No big deal. I don’t have an iMac with a Fusion drive myself.

    2 years ago

    Just bought 2017 iMac w/ 1TB fusion drive. Using High Sierra (latest version). Works great. No problems.

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