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Ive been a fan of Macmost for many years. In my job I often want to do online demo and video pod cast. So I am interested to know a little about how you produce your show.

What software do you use for screen capturing and integrating the video window of yourself?

Does the process also allow you to capture Ms Windows based products that might served up to you via webex / VNC / or via a Parallels session.

What software do you use then to stitch it all together in post production.

Ive often though how this might make an interesting Mac most episode “The making of…”, but it would cool to if you could give me some tips as part of this Forum

— Grant the Kiwi

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    9/18/10 @ 9:07 am

    See episode 265:
    I use Wirecast to shoot, and iMovie to edit.

    But you may find ScreenFlow a good alternative:

    If you use Wirecast, you should be able to use a Windows computer as a video source. But using Parallels on your Mac works too.

    I use iMovie to put it all together. Final Cut is a more professional solution, but with more control comes more detail and with more detail comes more effort. I’d rather sacrifice some control and take less time to produce.

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