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Set Password On Startup?

I have Sierra 10.12
I have set a password to activate after computer sleeps.
Is it also possible to have this password required when computer is turned on (cold boot)?
Just in case computer is stolen.
Gary Wearne

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    7 years ago

    So you have tested this an it automatically logs you in?
    Check in your System Preferences, Users and Groups. Click the Login Options button near the bottom left. Authenticate by clicking the padlock button at the very bottom left. Then turn off "Automatic login." That should make sure that a password is required before anyone can log into the Mac upon startup.
    If security is your concern, then you should also consider turning on FileVault. Otherwise, someone could just rip your hard drive out, hook it up to another computer, and read the contents. It is a little "high tech spy stuff" for that to happen, but it does give you piece of mind that all of your data is secure if your MacBook is stolen. Oh, and if you are using FileVault then you must have "Automatic Login" disabled as it obviously makes the FileVault encryption pointless.

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