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Setting Color Codes for iCal

I would like to set up my iMac where any new events default to the color that I have selected for myself and I would like through iCloud to have that appear on other Apple devices that we own such as iPad, iPhone.

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    2 years ago

    Calendar (I assume you mean the current Calendar app, not the old iCal app from years ago) doesn’t use color codes. Perhaps you are talking about calendars? You can have multiple calendars, such as “work,” “personal,” “family,” “soccer practice schedule,” and so on. Each calendar has a color. But it is important to understand that the color isn’t cosmetic. When you create an event, it is stored in that calendar. So if you add an event to the calendar “work” just to make it red, but then look on your iPad and the “work” calendar is hidden or maybe not even available, then you won’t see it.

    So stop thinking about colors and start thinking about calendars. Make sure you have your calendars set up in a way that makes sense. For instance, having a calendar for work stuff, and having a calendar for important work stuff probably isn’t a good way to go just because you want that event to send out as a different color. These events would be stored in different places and you are asking for trouble if you then expect to look at your work calendar and see everything work-related, as that one item will be left out.

    So once you have that all straight, you can set the default calendar for new events in Calendar, Preferences, General.

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