Forum Question: Should I use an OS X password?

Since I’m the sole user of my MacBook Pro, I’ve chosen to use no password for the system. When asked for one, when installing or whatever, I simply leave the line blank, click OK, and go on my way. However, I’m wondering if, even though I don’t worry about anyone in my house, some bad person halfway around the world could take advantage of me? Should I opt for a system password?

— John Russell

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    11/5/09 @ 1:10 pm

    You should absolutely use a password. Especially with a MacBook Pro. All it would take is for you to travel somewhere and hook up to any network (free wifi, etc) and someone could get into your Mac and do anything. A password protects you from that.
    OS X doesn’t bug you for your password very often — just installing new software, and a few other things. Set a password now!

    11/8/09 @ 5:36 pm

    I also have a MacBook Pro, and I have set a password and encrypted the data on it. The problem with a portable device like the MacBook is that if someone steals it, they have access to all of the information you store on it. I use my laptop to do financial stuff and access many password protected sites. If this information was to fall into the hands of someone who was corrupt and knowledgeable I could loose my socks!!! I’m not willing to loose my socks, just because I was stupid and didn’t lock my laptop up…

      John RusselL
      11/8/09 @ 5:55 pm

      Gary and Macman, I understand the absolutel necessity of a password for those taking their laptop everywhere, but I’m retired and my laptop is 100% in my home. (Yes, home invasions are a possibility, but…) My question really centered on the value/necessity of a password relative to bad people at internet sites I visit from home being able to do bad things to my computer because of the lack of a password. Or do other protections take care of privacy intrusions in that case?

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