Forum Question: Starting Lion from Scratch

I have always been the one to get the disk and erase the whole hard drive and start with new when a big release comes out. With us only being able to get lion from the app store now is there going to be an option to be able to do this, or is it just going to be an upgrade on top of what I already have. If so is there a way around this, so I can erase my whole hard drive and start from scratch

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    7/11/11 @ 7:48 pm

    I think there will be a way to do this. Something about a separate partition created by the Lion install. We’ll just have to wait for details when Lion comes out.
    But, I would consider changing this habit. My current OS X install goes back to Jaguar without a erase+install. It even spans many Macs using migration assistant. There’s really no need to do an erase+install. You might clear out a few old preference files, but will it be worth the time it takes to re-install your applications, set your preferences, deal with things you forgot (fonts, serial numbers, etc)?

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