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sync iphone to multiple machines

Hi in your video on how to sync iphone to multiple machines, you advise to check manually manage music. When I do that on macbook itunes there is apop up coming that it will erase and sync contents of this library. Pls advise. I have iphone 3gs and it is synced to Pc.

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    10 years ago

    Are you talking about the video where I explain how to sync music to multiple IPODS? (Episode 58:
    It doesn’t work for iPhones, last time I checked.
    Put as for switching from automatic syncing to manual syncing, yes. When you do that it erases the music on the iPod/iPhone. That leaves it empty. Then you can manually drag and drop music to the device in iTunes.
    The idea is you are changing the method in which the device gets its content. So it will clear off to let you decide what you want to transfer.

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