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i have an iPhone, and i have two macs (mac mini, mbp)
since i got my iPhone i started using address book and now i have all my contacts in my iPhone and my mbp, but i do want to automatically sync my address book from my mbp or iphone to my mac mini.
i don’t want to email my contacts to my mac mini every time i update it. and when i connected my iphone to my mac mini. my mini started deleting photos from my iphone so i had to stop the sync.
is there anyway to sync my address book from my mbp or iphone to my mac mini.
and while we are in the topic, can i sync iPhoto too from my mbp or iphone to my mac mini?????

thanks a lot

— hasan

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    11/4/09 @ 8:36 am

    So to answer the question in the title: no, you cannot sync an iPhone with more than one Mac. That’s the way Apple has decided to do it, unfortunately. Not sure why, since iPods can sync manually to more than one Mac.
    But for syncing Address Book across Macs, that’s one of the things that MobileMe does.
    As for syncing photos across Macs — your best bet there is to simply keep your photos on one machine and turn on iPhoto sharing. Then you can see them on the other machine without having to have copies of them there to keep in sync as you make changes, edits and adjustments.

    12/2/09 @ 8:08 am

    You can also try SyncMate ( It’s freeware and has a lot of Mac syncing options. It’s quite user-friendly and reliable.

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