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Text message blocking on a Verizon iphone

I am getting a text message with the following header 676801163614 then a message and the email Is this an SMS or an email?
I have gone to the my Verizon website to try and block the # and they keep changing the last 2 digits to 15, 16 etc so I can’t block it. Any suggestions or programs to block this?
Verizon suggested canceling text messaging or changing my phone number.
Neil R

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    10 years ago

    Hard to say whether it originates from text or email. If it originates as an email, there should be a way to disable email-to-SMS on your Verizon account.
    Otherwise, you’ve got to keep bugging Verizon to help. They are the only ones who can. Any apps you add to your iPhone won’t help because they can’t modify how the SMS app works.
    You could always have Verizon disable SMS and then use an alternative like Google Voice for SMS.

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