Forum Question: The Best Alternative for Backup Data and USB Flash Drive Brand

Hello,how are you doing? I want to backup my some data:(photos, movies, documents,etc) I want to get Time Capsule but I hear lot bad reviews and it very pricey. Which is the best alternative for backup data: Online or USB Flash Drive or others alternative?
Also What kind USB Flash Drive Brand is the best on an Apple product?
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    12/2/10 @ 11:25 am

    I wouldn’t try to use an online backup for a complete backup — there would be too much data to transfer in the OS folders alone. Time Capsule is a good option for most people. Not sure about those reviews. Most people just get it and it works.
    I wouldn’t use a USB Flash Drive — they are too small. Ideally you want something that is twice the size of your internal HD. Drives are cheap. I wouldn’t buy anything less than a 2TB external drive today to use with Time Machine.
    And I wouldn’t do a selective backup. I would do the whole thing, using Time Machine.
    As for brand — it is hard to tell what is best. Look at reviews of any individual product first for any obvious problems or warnings.

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