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The Best iTunes Organizer and Cleanup Software?

I’m looking for advice on which iTunes music library cleaner/organizer is the best. I have about 8,000 songs that need to be deduped, some of them need to be placed in the right artist and album folder, others are missing album artwork. Basically, they are just a bit messed up and need some tidying. Which of the software providers does the best job for these issues? The reviews are all over the place and I need an expert’s opinion on the best provider. Please note that I’m using a 2012 MacBook Pro with Retina Display and iTunes Thank you,
Jim Emmons

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    8 years ago

    I have never used any "iTunes cleaner software" before, so I can't tell you which is best. Using Apple Music now makes the entire idea kind of obsolete anyway.
    But I would encourage you to not let software do this, but instead manage it yourself. 8,000 really isn't that much. I'm sure most of it has correct information, right? It is just a few things here and there that are not right? I would encourage you to just tackle it little by little and clean it up on your own. I don't see any way that software would be able to figure it all out if you have things mislabeled or not labeled at all. True duplicates are easy top delete on your own, and duplicates that differ slightly can't be left to software to be deleted.
    I know you want an easy automatic solution, but I have a feeling that after you spend money on an app to do this for you you still will have plenty of manual work to do anyway.

    Peter Cook
    8 years ago

    Not all of us want to use Apple Music and still find iTunes a useful music library.

    I recommend checking out Doug Adam's Applescripts and Apps for iTunes. Enormously useful. No connection. Just a very happy, long time user.

    8 years ago


    Thanks for the advice. I'll start the process myself and at least then, I'll know that it's done right.

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