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Time Capsule backup of drive attached to Time Capsule

I use TimeMachine on a TimeCapsule for my backups.
I also have all my ITunes Media on a different external drive as it is too large to keep on my MacBook Harddrive.
The external drive with my Media is attached to the TimeCapsule so I can access it wirelessly. This works great and I avoid the hassle of plugging an external disk in and out of my MacBook and have no cable clutter on my desk. I am quite happy with this solution.
But: how do I backup this external drive? It appears not to be included in the normal TimeMachine backup. I guess I could create a copy of the drive on the TimeCapsule disk, but as it is 100 G, this will take long and I would have to do it manually each time. Any better way?
Thanks – your advice is really helpful.

— Annie

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    10 years ago

    I would use something like Carbon Copy Cloner or SuperDuper to back up that drive. But I would get another drive (drives are cheap) and back up to that instead of using the Time Capsule drive. Time Machine works best when you don’t use its space for other things.
    The first time you do the backup I would hook up both drives directly to your Mac. After that, it may be fine to do it over the network for updates.
    Another option would be to unhook the drive from the Time Capsule and hook it to your Mac just for the backup (let it back up the attached drive to your Time Capsule). Then do so again once a week or so.

      10 years ago

      Thanks – both are good great ideas (as always)

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