Forum Question: Transitions not activating on movies with imovie

When i create a no themed video and i go to add transitions, most times the transitions will not work. i usually have music, PiP and a title in the video…is it just using too much on one to also handle a transition?
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    9/26/11 @ 7:53 pm

    So is it that you can’t insert the transition, or that you can insert it, but you don’t see it happen?
    Did you try exporting? The real-time render of the preview windows isn’t able to show you everything that you’ll get in the end.
    Also, is the PIP across the transition? That will turn the transition off. Transitions need to happen between two clips with nothing else in the way. You can see the transition “gray out” when you have something else across the space.

    Bill Tatar
    9/26/11 @ 8:07 pm

    ahhh. I keep my radio station logos in the image at all times as a PiP – so that would now make sense. im guessing there is no work around for that aside from killing the images before each cut..then add the transition, then re do the PiP.

      9/26/11 @ 8:34 pm


      5/30/12 @ 7:15 am

      Maybe try to export the movie without the picture-in-picture logo, reimport it as one piece and then ad the logo. That is what i am just trying. A real PITA.


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