Forum Question: Up Dating iWork In Mountain Lion When It Was Originally Installed From a Disk.

I recently got a new MacBook Pro. I transferred all of my files from my time Machine back up, and everything works great. I just installed Mountain Lion today and I see that all of the updates are now handled through the app store. My iWork programs are not listed in purchased apps (because they were installed from disk a long time ago) will the app store sill update iWork? I do not see the check for update option in the updated iWork programs.
Chuck Junge

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    7/25/12 @ 9:46 pm

    I’d try both. See if it appears in Software Update, and also check in the app store.
    It may be that you get an update through the app store that replaces the old disc-installed apps. Not sure how it will work for you, exactly. You’ll have to keep trying both to see.
    With me, I still seem to be getting them from Software Update.

    7/25/12 @ 10:09 pm

    In mountain Lion, doesn’t software update take you to the app store?

      7/26/12 @ 8:17 am

      Yes. But things are listed there now that are not “apps” but part of the OS. Like right now I see the MacBook Air firmware update there.

    7/26/12 @ 8:56 am

    My iWork was disc installed as well, however after Mountain Lion install last night the software update – now the Mac App Store – updated my iWork last night just fine.

      7/27/12 @ 9:36 am

      OK, I thats what I was looking for. I updated iWork before installing Mountain Lion, so I was not sure how the updates would work.

    Gordon Potter
    7/26/12 @ 7:07 pm

    If you installed iWork (or any other program) from a Disk or Web site download, you cannot update/upgrade from the MAS (Mac App Store). Get your updates via “Software Update” under the Apple Logo Icon in the menu bar. Updates via the App Store App are only for thing purchased in/through the MAS.

      7/26/12 @ 11:33 pm

      Not exactly true. If you are running MLion, and you choose Apple Menu, Software Update, it launches the Mac App Store and goes directly to the Updates section. The difference is that this Updates section will list both App updates and System updates under MLion.

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