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Upgrade to Lion Server or not?

I was thinking of upgrading my iMac from Lion client to Server. Motivations: host my own website; setting up WebDAV for iOS document sharing; family calendar; email management.
Are there any downsides or gotchas to upgrading my iMac to Lion Server? Do all the features from the client carry over? Will the upgrade migrate existing users and their settings?

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    10 years ago

    As I understand it, “upgrading” is just adding several new applications and services. It doesn’t change or take away anything you already have.
    As for WHY you should upgrade, I’m not sure why you would want to run your own server unless you have a specific business need.
    Hosting should be done with a web hosting company. Why go through all the trouble of setting up your own static IP address with your provider, and then running and maintaining and server your Mac 24/7? It is so cheap to get hosting elsewhere and much more stress-free.
    Document sharing can be done so easily without OS X Server. Just use plain file sharing. Put an external drive on an Airport Extreme or Time Capsule. Or use DropBox, etc.
    As for a shared calendar, why not just use Google Calendar? Same for email, just use Gmail? — Or MobileMe/iCloud for that matter. Or almost any email solution.
    If you are a hobbyist, or want to learn OS X Server for some professional reason, when they I guess that justifies it. But if you are looking to make life easier, then running your own server is not the way to go.

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