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hello Gary.
i am trying to upload some photos to my email or facebook, when i click on the photos icon it shows some photos but not all that i have in my library.
so when i click choose file and then a finder window shows up and in the end there is music, photos, and videos. i choose photos and it shows me all the photos and albums and events i have. but for some reason i don’t get the latest events and photos over there

can you please help me with this?

happy holidays

— hasan

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    12/21/09 @ 2:18 pm

    Where is the Photos icon you are clicking on? I usually open iPhoto, choose the photo(s) and then click the Mail button.

      12/21/09 @ 3:06 pm

      the icon is always on the left sidebar

        12/21/09 @ 3:23 pm

        The left sidebar? Of what? Which application?

          12/23/09 @ 11:06 am

          i hope i will be ablt to explain it well.
          lets say i go to gmail and i wanna atach a photo
          i press on “choose file” button and then a finder window shows up to choose the file i wanna attach to my email.
          on the left side of that finder window there are (devices, places, search for, and Media)
          nder media there are music, photos, and videos.
          when i chose photos it shows me the iPhoto library and the photobooth library too. it shows me all the pictures i have.
          the problem is that sometimes it doesn’t show all the pictrues that i have in my library. what i mean is that the latest 2 or 3 events will not be presented in that finder window.
          sometimes they show up and other times they don’t.

          i hope i have explained it well.
          and i am not using this thing for my gmail. i use for other websites too. and the same problem shows up.

            12/23/09 @ 11:22 am

            When you select iPhoto, you can click on the little triangle to the left of the word “iPhoto” and then select an album, events, etc. Try that to see if it shows you your latest photos.

              12/25/09 @ 10:25 am

              i do that gary.
              i go to events and then look at the available events. for some reason i can’t see the latest 2 or 3 events

    3/7/11 @ 10:26 am

    Whenever i try to upload or attach a photo to an email from iPhoto it gets stucked and it hangs and I have to turn it off from the back button because I can’t even restart it. Can you help?

      3/7/11 @ 10:29 am

      Hard to say what the problem could be from here. Try different settings. Make sure you have the correct ID and password for your email account, etc. If you are still stuck, then maybe seek some first-hand help from a Mac expert or the Genius Bar.

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