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Using iMovie and or Keynote, How Do I Blur Portions Of a Video?

Is there a way of having a video, blurring it out and then overlaying a picture(or video) on top of it as the audio is still playing and then revert back to the clear video. E.g. I have a video interview then I want to blur the image and replace it with a photo and then return to the interview. Thank you.

As I’m video taping the interview, I want the interview to go away while the audio continues and have it replaced with a image and then return to the video.

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    2 years ago

    There is no way to "blur" a section of a video in iMovie. But you can cover a portion with a shape. In this video I show how to follow something with an arrow. Instead of pointing to something, you would just use a circle or rectangle and cover the space.

    Most of the steps aren't needed if the area needed to be covered doesn't move. You can just place the picture-in-picture at that spot for the entire portion you need covered.

    However, it sounds like you may be ok with just replacing the entire video for that section of the timeline, then returning to it. In that case you can just use an image as a cutaway. This will overlay the entire video, but the audio would still play. You can even use one of the iMovie backgrounds as a cutaway by just dragging a background on top of the main clip in the timeline.

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