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Hi, I created a transparent watermark and added it to my project. The problem is that when I click on “fit” it creates a black background. How do I get rid of the black background? I know that there’s no actual background on the file because when I click on “Ken Burns” it shows the background as transparent. But the whole watermark doesn’t fit unless I click on “fit” but when I do that it creates a black background. Help please!

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    12/4/10 @ 9:44 am

    Use Crop instead of Fit. Then the trick is to make sure the graphic is the same ratio as your video. If it is 4:3, then make it 4:3. If it is 16:9, then make it 16:9. For the best results, I make the image the exact size: 1280×720 for HD, for instance. Then put the watermark in the corner, right where you want it to appear. Then place the picture over the whole video.

      12/4/10 @ 6:13 pm

      Actually I’m not sure if it’s technically a watermark. It’s a company logo that I want to appear on screen for a few seconds and I want it to have a transparent background. The logo is kind of long horizontally, and it only shows the entire logo if I click fit. When I click on crop it cuts out a little bit of the left and right sides. Is there a way to show the entire logo without having to use fit? Thanks.

        12/4/10 @ 7:17 pm

        Same thing. Just make the image the same width and height as the video, place the logo where you want it to appear and leave the rest transparent. Then use the Crop setting to place it over the video as a picture-in-picture, using the full size of the video frame.

          12/4/10 @ 10:54 pm

          The problem is that it won’t let me crop it so that the whole image fits in the crop box. I can only get it to have a transparent background if I click crop but then it still cuts out the sides. I tried to make the picture smaller in a program I have but it still displays it over the entire screen, just more pixelated. Is there a way to reduce the image size in iMovie09? If I could do that, then I could get it to fit inside the crop box. Thanks.

            12/4/10 @ 11:18 pm

            You have to make the image the same ratio as the video. The same size is best. So if you are laking a 1280×720 movie, make the graphic 1280×720. Then “crop” won’t be any different than “fit” — you will see the whole image, it won’t cut anything off.

    12/5/10 @ 2:56 am

    Great! That worked! Thanks a lot!

    12/5/10 @ 3:28 am

    One other problem! I’m using the pull focus title with the logo on it, but when I put the logo on it it makes it blurry. I have some text that says “for more information on” then the logo appears, then “visit this website.” The text is fine but when I show the logo it gets blurry until the very end. Is there a way to make the pull focus title not affect the logo? Maybe there’s a way to place the logo in front of the title? Thanks.

      12/5/10 @ 11:11 am

      Does it make it blurry in the final output? Or just in the preview? Remember that the preview is lower quality since it has to render in real time.

        12/5/10 @ 4:53 pm

        In the preview the logo is clear at the very beginning and very end of the pull focus. But for the majority of it, it’s out of focus. It’s like it thinks the logo is part of the image.

          12/5/10 @ 5:34 pm

          Right. But did you try outputting it? It still might be the issue I described.

            12/5/10 @ 10:54 pm

            Yes I tried outputting it and nothing changes. The thing with the pull focus is that the background starts out in focus with the title out of focus, and then the title comes into focus and the background becomes out of focus, then at the end the title gets out of focus again and the background comes back into focus. That’s the effect that’s supposed to happen. I just want the logo that appears on screen to be in focus along with the title. The way it is now, it treats the logo like the image. It makes it out of focus for the duration of the clip except for the very beginning and end.

              12/5/10 @ 11:02 pm

              Looks like you are going to have to choose between the Pull Focus title and having a clear logo.

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