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What Are Any Potential Problems With My Wireless Mouse, Keyboard Setup?

I will be buying my first iMac soon. I have never used a wireless keyboard and mouse. That leads me to my 2 questions. My desk is small and I have the Google Wi-Fi (router, with mesh system) very close to where my mouse and keyboard will be. First, will this cause any interference or problems between the Bluetooth connections or Wi-Fi signal?
Second, my keyboard will set about 6 inches below where the iMac will sit on a wooden shelf. Will this cause any problems or reduce connectivity?
William Schrand

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    3 years ago

    Wi-Fi and Bluetooth will not interfere with each other. They use different frequency ranges and millions of people have both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth right next to each other. In fact regardless of where your Wi-Fi router is set up, your Mac is the other end of that with its own Wi-Fi transmitter, obviously, and naturally Bluetooth as well.

    You can use your Mac's Bluetooth keyboard across the room if you like. Bluetooth range is about 30 feet.

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