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What Are iCloud Drive (Archive) Folders?

Happy New Year!
In my HD > Users > Fernando Gonçalves folder I noticed two folders:
• iCloud Drive (Archive) and
• iCloud Drive (Archive) -1.
Q.1: Any idea(s) on how could/did this happened? (I must have unknowingly Ok’d it!)
Q.2: Can/Should I delete/trash one or both?
Fernando Goncalves

Comments: One Response to “What Are iCloud Drive (Archive) Folders?”

    2 years ago

    The iCloud Drive Archive folder appears when you turn off iCloud Drive. Instead of just dumping your Documents and Desktop files into your local Documents and Desktop folders, where they could create quite a mess if you already have files there, it puts these in these iCloud Drive Archive folders so you can look in them and figure out what to do with these files orphaned by turning off iCloud Drive.

    You should look at the contents of these folders and figure out what is there and move those files to places that make sense to you. Once the folders are empty, you can just delete them.

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