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What Are the Security Risks Associated With Not Logging Out Of Sensitive Websites?

Assuming strong passwords and two-factor authentication are in place, how important is it to always sign out from a website such as Apple, amazon, a bank or some other website that could be used to steal money from you?

I would like to know if my sensitive accounts that move money could be compromised is I fail to log out. Some accounts like amazon, I may enter several times a day. It would be more convenient not to log in each time.

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    3 years ago

    When you are signed into an account, I assume you are using your own computer or device, and that computer or device is locked with a password/passcode? If so, it isn't that important to log out. Sites like banks will automatically log you out within minutes if you are inactive. I know all of mine do it in 5 minutes or less. And since someone would need to get your device in their hands, and know the password, all within those few minutes, it is very secure.

    Of course if you are using a public computer or borrowing someone else's computer, you should log out when finished. But you are probably not using such a device when accessing those types of sites. You shouldn't.

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