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What is a Good App for Transcripting Videos?

Thank for you giving a list about recommended products from MacMost in your newsletter. But I’m curious if you are using an application to transcript your videos being published on your website. Its name please, if you use any? Thank you.

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    8 years ago

    No, I'm not. I have a professional transcriber do it. Are you looking for an app that does it automatically using speech recognition? Or, are you looking for an app that makes it easier for a human to type a transcription?
    One thing you may look into is YouTube, especially if you are uploading to YouTube anyway. It will do a speech recognition transcription automatically, though it is far from perfect as you may imagine. YouTube also has a great built-in tool for transcribing manually. It will pause the video as you type and then resume when you stop typing. That makes it easy. And, of course, these are free tools from within YouTube.

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