Forum Question: What Is an Alternative Application for iDVD Now That It Is Not Available?

Now that iDVD will no longer be available, as what I have heard from others, what alternative applications can you suggest that can do what iDVD does?
JR Castro

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    10/2/12 @ 6:46 am

    First, if you have iDVD, then use it. It still works fine with Mountain Lion.
    The problem is really only for people who never had iDVD, and now can’t really find a way to get it.
    I’ve done two videos on alternatives. But the most cost-effective ones may be apps in the Mac App Store. Search for “DVD builder” or “DVD creator” and you should come up with some things. I haven’t reviewed them as I have no more use for video DVDs — the format is dying (it is standard definition, not HD), which is why Apple is not interested in it anymore. Plus, many Macs come without a DVD drive now.
    You may also want to consider non-DVD alternatives. For sharing videos with friends and family, doing it online via web sites (YouTube, etc.) is easier and it is HD. For viewing at home, a device like Apple TV can show the videos in HD and without the need to “burn” anything.

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