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What Is an Alternative Application for iDVD Now That It Is Not Available?

Now that iDVD will no longer be available, as what I have heard from others, what alternative applications can you suggest that can do what iDVD does?
JR Castro

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    11 years ago

    First, if you have iDVD, then use it. It still works fine with Mountain Lion.
    The problem is really only for people who never had iDVD, and now can't really find a way to get it.
    I've done two videos on alternatives. But the most cost-effective ones may be apps in the Mac App Store. Search for "DVD builder" or "DVD creator" and you should come up with some things. I haven't reviewed them as I have no more use for video DVDs -- the format is dying (it is standard definition, not HD), which is why Apple is not interested in it anymore. Plus, many Macs come without a DVD drive now.
    You may also want to consider non-DVD alternatives. For sharing videos with friends and family, doing it online via web sites (YouTube, etc.) is easier and it is HD. For viewing at home, a device like Apple TV can show the videos in HD and without the need to "burn" anything.

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