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What Is Battery Cycle Count and How Do We Calculate It?

My MacBook Pro is 16″ (2019 Model) – i9,64 GB RAM, 2 TB SSD HD, AMD Radeon 5500M Graphics. In one of your videos you had mentioned there is no need to shutdown the Macbook; just close the lid and it should go to sleep mode. This will help to do the maintenance tasks of its own. My query is regarding battery charging. So while closing & keeping on sleep mode, do I need to keep it on charging? Will this affect the battery life?

What I meant is – I keep it charging and it reaches 100%. And if I don’t remove the power adaptor & it be on charge, will it affect the battery life?

Also, can you please let me know what is battery cycle count and how is it calculated?

Hoping to get a clear understanding on this topic from you.

I wanted know about the battery life, cycle count and how it affects the MacBook on performance and its life.
Mathew Alexander

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    3 years ago

    If your Mac is sleeping (or being used) and it is near power and convenient for you to have it plugged in, then you should have it plugged in. No need to add battery cycles if you don't need to use the battery at that moment. So if it is sleeping on your desk or nightstand at night, plug it in.

    It will help improve the battery longevity as you'll be using the battery less. And it will help improve your use of the Mac as it will be charged and ready for action when you need it.

    One battery cycle is when you use 100% of the battery, down to 0%, and then charge back to 100%. So if you use your battery from 100% to 50%, then charge to 100%, then it is 0.5 battery cycles. It is a general measure of how much you have used your battery. It isn't the only factor in how long a batter will last (age, heat and luck are others), but it gives you a general idea. For instance if you were to buy a used Mac and it had a cycle count of 700, then you'd know that you'd probably need a new battery soon.

    You don't calculate battery cycles yourself. You see them in Apple Menu, About this Mac, System Report, Power.


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