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What Is Best External Drive Management Software for Photos?

Is there a software application that will allow me to organize my photos on an external drive?
Also what is the best editing software that’s not an Adobe product.

I am asking the question about organization of Photos on an external drive so that they could easily be placed on the drive and then organized in a manner that I could find them.
Regarding Adobe software, while adobe makes excellent products I’m concerned about the cost since I am not a professional photographer.

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    2 years ago

    Not sure what you are looking for here. There aren't applications that do this. If you want to store your entire Photos library on an external drive, then you can do that. But it gets tricky if this is your iCloud library and the drive is sometimes now connected. Apple has instructions on how to do this here:

    If you just want some of your photos on an external, you can have a second Library and switch between them, or you can use the setting in Photos, Preferences, General to NOT copy the items to your library. So the photo file can be on an external while it still appears in the library. But that doesn't play well with iCloud.

    Hard to tell what you are looking for here based on your answer to the WHY question. If you can, just use Photos normally with your library on your internal drive and all photos inside it. Organize as you wish in the Photos app. That's what it is for.

    As for apps for editing photos, I have a video on that here:

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