Forum Question: What is the best (and inexpensive way) to organize fonts?

I have about a bazillion fonts I’ve collected over the years, dating back to my PC days. While migrating over from a MacBook to a new MacBook Pro, I noticed I have over 1200 fonts installed and activated! Help! What is the best way for me to get a handle on this tangled mess?

— Todd Peperkorn

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    12/10/09 @ 10:30 pm

    Well, you have Font Book already there, why not try using that? You can arrange your fonts in categories and activate and deactivate groups of them as you wish. I know there are some 3rd-party font organization tools out there, but I would try Font Book first, and really get to know what it can do, before looking elsewhere. I don’t think any program is going to do a good job of organizing 1,200 fonts (that’s a lot!) so you might want to consider archiving some of them and getting them off your drive and down to a manageable amount.

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