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What Is the Best Way To Use ‘Groups’ Accounts On Mac?

Hi Gary, I have a question and what are the best ways to use the ‘Groups’feature on Mac In the ‘Users and Groups’ in System prefences?

Because I’m curious on what are the best way to use the groups feature on Mac.

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    2 years ago

    According to Apple ( you use them for this:

    A group allows multiple users to have the same access privileges. For example, you can grant a group specific access privileges for a folder or a file, and all members of the group have access. You can also assign a group specific access privileges for each of your shared folders.

    In a practical sense, for a home user or just about anyone else, you never have to use Groups. I never have. If you do have another family member with an account on your Mac, then you can easily assign shared folder permissions to one or more of them without groups.

    I suppose if you had one Mac being used by a large number of people, maybe in a shared work environment, then it could be useful to the admin of that machine to add all users to a Group so they can easily assign sharing permissions for a shared folder or something. Even then, it is so easy to assign permissions to several people that I don't see it as a problem.

    Be interested to hear if anyone else has ever used a Group and what the circumstances were.

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