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What Is the File Download Showing On My Mail Account?

Hi guys, Just interested in why my Mac shows in the bottom left hand corner of Mail that it appears to be continually downloading files. Latest screen shows a download of over a million emails???

I am not trying to do anything – I am just intrigued as to why there is a download (almost continually)of a huge file load – has someone “captured” my computer?
Greg Hollands

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    2 years ago

    The bottom left corner shows your syncing status with your email server, Google (Gmail) in this case. Choose Window, Activity to see more details.

    Looks like you may have a lot of email on the Google server, and Mail is trying to sync. That can happen if you have that much email saved up over the years, and you are in the habit of launching Mail to only quickly check your messages and then quitting it again. If it doesn't have time to work on syncing your messages, then it may never catch up. Just leave Mail running in the background while you do other work and while you Mac sleeps at night.

    If you do have that much email, you can also tell Google to only sync the most recent 10,000 messages instead of everything back to the beginning of time. Go into Gmail Settings (on the Gmail website) and go to POP/IMAP settings, then look for Limit IMAP Folders To Contain No More Than This Many Messages. If you set it to 10,000 then only the most recent 10,000 messages will show up on your Mac in Mail. But you can always go back to the website for Gmail to do a search for older messages.

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