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What Is the Recommended Replacement for MobileMe Gallery?

My family has had great success uploading movies and photos to our MobileMe gallery while on the go from our iPhones. It is private and easy! What are our options after June 2012 when this goes away? I hope it isn’t Flicker and YouTube, I don’t care for the security. Thanks, so happy I found your information!
William Nystrom

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    12 years ago

    There are probably dozens, maybe hundreds, of photo sharing sites. What flaws do you find in YouTube security? Seems that if you make a video private, it is private. Haven't played with Flickr security, but Picasa is another option. I've been using DropBox for photo sharing too.

    12 years ago

    We now use for family photos. Its free and you can make it password protected.

    12 years ago

    I would check out ZangZing. Looks to have all of the same functionality of the beloved MobileMe Galleries. ;-)

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