Forum Question: What’s a good alternative to Keynote?

I use Keynote on a weekly basis, and I absolutely love it. But for one project in particular, I need something else. The reason is that rather than flowing straight through a predetermined order, I need the ability to jump back and forth randomly between slides on a moment’s notice. I realize that Keynote does have the ability to do this, but it takes several clicks and a bit of time. This is for a live public format, and I need to be able to do it quicker than Keynote allows. This is a one-time event, so I’m not looking to spend money. I’m looking for either freeware, or a fully functional demo. Doesn’t need to be fancy either. Any recommendations?

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    5/22/11 @ 12:09 am

    So you want to click a button and have Keynote jump to a random slide? The only alternative I can think of is PowerPoint, but that costs money too. And I’m not sure you can have it jump to a random slide either.
    You can have a developer create that for you in Director and Flash, or as a web site, but if you have a $0 budget, then that doesn’t help either.

      5/24/11 @ 12:09 pm

      Just in case anyone else ever finds themselves in this situation, I ended up going with OpenSong. It’s not very elegant, but it does what I described above, and it’s free. Another free one is called OpenLP, which has a more elegant user interface, but I had trouble formatting the text on the projection.

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