Forum Question: What’s the Difference Between the Watch and Beachball Cursors?

As one example, when I print from Adobe Photoshop Elements 9, I see both the wristwatch icon and the spinning beachball, one after another. If memory serves, the wristwatch dates pretty far back in Macintosh history whereas the beachball is more recent. What can one infer from one of these icons vs. the other, if anything? Maybe one is an application delay while the other is the OS?
John Russell

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    12/8/11 @ 4:52 pm

    For us as users, there is no difference.
    I think the reason you may sometimes still see a watch cursor is if an application is using a very old piece of code that specifically asks for the watch cursor, instead of the newer beach ball.
    Or, it could be that the application developer specifically wants to use the older cursor, or one that looks like it.

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