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Where Are Music Videos Found In iTunes?

Using Sierra and iTunes 12.7 on iMac.
In iTunes Store, can’t find music videos to buy. Were located on same page as Songs and Albums but not there.
To where have they been moved?

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    3 years ago

    Music videos are mixed in with songs. Just search for the artist or song you want. Scroll down on that screen and you’ll see Music Videos as one of the categories if there are some in the results. Or, look on the right and you’ll see: All, Songs, Albums, Music Videos, etc. Click on Music Videos and you’ll see just those results.

    Tom McLean
    3 years ago

    This is a step back. Ok I can search by a particular artist but useless if I want to see the top 100 music videos or the latest releases. I’m sure it can be done, no I’m not really sure, but doesn’t help me now.

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