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Where Are My Volume Control Buttons?

First, apologies for even asking this question (I feel stupid), but I will. Several videos refer to key board volume control buttons. I have a MBP, 16″, Catalina. Can not find those buttons. The status menu audio icon-check, the Control strip slider-check, but no buttons or other audio controls found. The reason why I am trying to figure this out is because the vol. slider is quick to fade making the 1/4 incriminate adjustment almost impossible (also the screen brightness control as well.)
Anyway, if there is some “hidden” button on the KB I’m just not seeing please let me know.
If there’s is no answer from you, I’ll except that, and just hang my head in shame : )
Gary, as always, thank you!
PS, read your Bio. Impressive!

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    2 years ago

    If you have the new 16-inch MacBook Pro, then you don’t have a row of control keys like the older MacBooks. You have the Touch Bar. You can control all sorts of things with the Touch Bar, including the volume controls.

    If you don’t see the volume controls there, then customize it using System Preferences, Keyboard, Keyboard, “Touch Bar Shows.” Then also click the button Customize Control Strip.

    The Touch Bar will change depending on the context. So you may see different things using one app or another. You can always go to the View, Customize Touch Bar in many apps to control it more.

    Get to know the Touch Bar a bit as it can be a great productivity tool.

    2 years ago

    Thank you.
    Forgot to add; is there a way to see what function the function keys are set to F1 to 11?
    Thinking maybe setting 2 of them to volume as the Shift/Opt 1/4 adjustment doesn’t really work well.

    2 years ago

    Greg: The F-Keys aren’t really assigned like that. They can be used by some apps in different ways, or you can assign them to menu commands in System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts. But some apps like Photoshop make use of them as well.

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