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Where Do I Find the Unnecessary Files That “Clean My Mac” Finds?

I’m sure I’ve seen a video of yours, where you tell that one can do the things that some extra programs does, without needing these extra programs. Please correct me if I’m wrong! My question is: I’ve tried out clean my mac, and two things that I like is, all the files it finds that I had no idea of existed, and the ability to clean these. Secondly I get the impression that the uninstall feature is better than just putting an unwanted program in the bin. I would of course be happy to remove excess files myself, but I’m not sure where to look? And can I make a better uninstall myself by changing the way I usually use?
Leslie Jensen

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    2 years ago

    Many files that cleaner apps get rid of are cache files. These help speed up apps and system functions on your Mac. Getting rid of them saves a little space right now, but will technically slow you down. Then over time those cache files will build up again anyway.

    When you uninstall apps sometimes they leave behind small preference files and such. These are usually tiny files that don't add up too much. Specks of dust. The idea is you can reinstall the app and your preferences are still there. Not usually worth getting rid of at all as they are so small.

    Apps that have substantial files outside of the .app file itself, a practice that is frowned upon today by Apple and developers, are removed when you use the app's uninstall procedure.

    Leslie Jensen
    2 years ago

    Thanks a lot. I knew I had seen/read somewhere that there was an answer and I found it just after I sent my question! Sorry for the noise and thank you for your effort with this forum/blog, youtube etc.

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