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Where Do I View My Videos – Photos or iMovie?

Using imovie 10.1.12, on latest imac. When I take photos or videos on my iphone, they are all automatically saved in PHOTOS in icloud and are available for viewing on all my devices. I believe they’re also saved locally on my iMac. All good. I recently imported one of those videos from PHOTOS into an iMovie project, where I made edits. Now, where/how are those edits saved? Where/how is most logical and efficient place to view that and other videos on my imac? For photos, I look in my PHOTOS app, which has the videos, too. For videos, do I have to look in both PHOTOS and IMOVIE to see the videos I’ve taken? Are there now 2 different versions of the same video (one in PHOTOS and the edited one in IMOVIE)? Any suggestions?
Thanks very much, Gary.

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    2 years ago

    That’s up to you. If you like to see your edited videos in Photos, then export them as files and drag and drop those into Photos.

    The stuff in iMovie is there for you to use while editing videos in iMovie. Some people like to have their edited videos there, and Photos is the repository of all of their “source material.” I like to keep videos as files in folders myself to keep my Photos library just Photos. But most people have both there.

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