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Where Is the Mac Finder Equivalent Of the Windows ‘SendTo’ Option?

First of all sir, I have a tremendous amount of respect and admiration for your work. Hat’s off to you!

Let me tell you what I’m trying to do:
Send a file to a location from the context menu, eg. I right click a file on my desktop, choose an option from the dropdown menu, and the file is copied or moved to a another, specific folder. To use a Windows term, I’m looking for a ‘SendTo’ option, as it were. If possible, I would prefer doing this without installing any Non-AppStore app, even simply using in-built Mac functions.

What I’m doing now:
I have all my data in only 3 folders, to which I copy files often; by copying the file, opening the destination folder, and pasting it there.

I hope this was worth your time. Thanks,

I’m doing this to save time and effort, many times per day..

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    3 years ago

    There's nothing like that exact thing in the macOS Finder, but plenty of ways to quickly move files to specific folders like that.

    For instance, you can put those three folders on the right side of the Dock. Those would be aliases there, of course, not the actual folders. Then it is easy to drag and drop anything into those folders at any time.

    Or, you could add those three folders to the left side of the Finder window. You could drag and drop into those easily too, in most cases.

    You could, of course, put those folders in both places. And use either as the way to drop them there.

    3 years ago

    thanks for the prompt reply! I did it, and it expedited my work, thanks a lot. If, in the future, you find a way to add a 'SendTo' like function to context menu, pls let us know, because it's a mite easier to send it that way, instead of drag and drop.. thanks again sir.

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