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Which Mouse Is Best for Left Handed iMac User?

A leftie in search of a mouse for my iMac. Not a gamer. Suggestions?

My old Microsoft Optical Intellimouse is malfunctioning. Seek a good alternative. Must work with left hand.

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    1 year ago

    I'm not left-handed, but I'll offer some advice anyway.

    First, why use a mouse instead of an Apple trackpad? I believe trackpads are the superior pointing device on Macs. They are a whole different animal than the trackpads for non-Apple PCs, with great feeling, precision and advanced gestures. If the only trackpads you have ever tried have been non-Apple ones, forget about that experience as there is no comparison.

    I greatly prefer the Apple Magic Trackpad over any other pointing device. If you have a MacBook, of course you already have this. But for a Mac mini, Mac Studio or Mac Pro I would get the stand-alone Apple Magic Trackpad. In fact, that's what I use with my Mac Studio.

    As for handedness, the Magic Trackpad is symmetrical and configurable. I don't even use a corner for the secondary click, preferring the standard two-finger click. But if you want to use a corner, you can use either the left or right.

    Second, if you do want to get a mouse anyway, why not the Apple Magic Mouse? It would not matter whether you are right or left-handed, as the mouse is symmetrical. And of course the controls in System Settings can be configured to either left or right for the secondary click. The Magic Mouse is high-precision and has the touch surface for doing things like scrolling and gestures. I've used many mice and other pointing devices over the years (trackballs, mice with like 17 buttons, etc) but I would never use one of those today over an Apple Magic Mouse.

    1 year ago

    Hello Will,
    I’m left handed and I know your struggle. I want a mouse that’s ambidextrous because other people sometimes use my computers, either at home, in my workshop or at work. A lefty targeted mouse upsets right handed people.

    On PC at home, I use Logitech’s M185. On Mac, I use the Apple Magic Mouse. Neither will win any awards for comfort, but the Magic Mouse is deeply integrated into Mac OS, and mine has been pretty reliable.

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