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Which Photo Editing App(s) To Buy?

Next month I plan on starting up my photography hobby again. My MBP seems to have a lot of photo editing tools, and I also downloaded a couple of free apps from the Apple store as well. But, I am hearing a lot about Acorn 6, and Pixelmator. In fact, I heard about both of them first through Gary.
So I just started to look at them in the app store and wondered if they are redundant or not? Also, I noticed there’s a Pixelmator, and a Pixelmator Pro version, they can also be bundled together.
So finally my Q. I am interested in photo design and editing and wish to go as far as I can creatively.
Do I need just Acorn6? Maybe just Pixelmator Pro? All three?
Interested in Gary’s opinion.

Thank you,


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    2 years ago

    It is hard to say definitely which is better. I use them both. I find I like Acorn better for some things, like creating some of my images for Instagram. I like Pixelmator Pro for other things, like creating my video thumbnails. I could probably just use one for both things if I really wanted to.

    I’d stick with Pixelmator Pro over Pixelmator — might as well learn their full-featured tool.

    What I would do is to read the descriptions of Pixelmator Pro and Acorn and see which seems to fit your way of working better. But either way you will end up with a decent Photoshop alternative at a much lower price.

    2 years ago

    Thank you. I guess what threw me was that the Pixelmator is bundled. If one has additions over the other why do you need both? And, why is the regular version more expensive? Unless the nonpro app is a platform, and the Pro version is an add on to the basic, but that would be, well, not nice.

    2 years ago

    Greg: I’m not sure why there is a bundle. I used Pixelmator before there was Pro, and then I switched to Pro and haven’t used the original since.

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