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Why Is the Mac (Pages) Spell Check So Terrible?

If I write “I liked your story”, “your” will have a red underline and the suggestion is “you’re” – absolutely incorrect. Or “I was there”. “There” is underlined in red and the substitute is “they’re”. The same thing happens with many common words.

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    4 years ago

    I’m not seeing any of that. If I try your examples, neither is underlined in red. If I type “I liked you’re story” then “you’re” is underlined in green (not red) as it is a grammar mistake.
    What version of Pages are you using?
    In the menu, under Edit, Spelling and Grammar, I have Check Spelling and Check Grammar on, but autocorrect off.
    What language do you have set in System Preferences? Look in System Preferences, Keyboard, Text, then under “Spelling:”

    4 years ago

    but it is when I am using “I like your (2nd per. possessive pronoun) that it is underlined (yes, in green) that I often get advised to change it to “you’re”. I have also had “I was there last year” where “there” was underlined in green suggesting “they’re” instead and the direction to look up the meaning of “there”. This has often happened with correctly spelled common English words
    I am using Pages 5.6.2(2573) and English, Espańol Lat. Am. and Espańol Spain.

    4 years ago

    Maybe try updating to the latest Pages (6.0) to see if that fixes it. I’m also wondering if the multiple languages are making it harder for it to figure things out. I’m trying the same text as you, but no green underline.

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