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will a hd bluray disk play in my macbook pro

I’ve had a sports blueray disk sent to me to edit.
Can i put the blueray disk in my macbook pro and convert it in
mpeg stream clip for editing?
I don’t have a blueray player.

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    10 years ago

    No. The optical drives in Macs do not support Blu-ray. Apple has made it pretty clear that they have no interest in Blu-ray as a technology and I doubt we will ever see support in Macs.

    10 years ago

    Hi Gary,
    Do you think Bluray is neccessary for Apple?
    I think that when people are looking at using a Macmini, for example, as part of their home entertainment system, this may be a deal breaker.
    With new Tv’s basically already containing a “computer”, allowing you tube, shype etc., people are tossing up over a stand alone DVD recorder/player or something like the mini. I wish apple would reconsider this.
    Do youy think that Bluray is all that? and will it stay as the “standard in new DVD technology?

      10 years ago

      I don’t think Apple will ever have a blu-ray optical drive. Jobs pretty much said so a while back.
      Blu-ray is competing with online and video-on-demand movie delivery. And I think it is losing, though it is hard to measure because they have different types of revenue.
      I liked the idea of have an HD optical video delivery device like blu-ray. But the truth is that I hate my blu-ray player. Even though it is a top-of-the-line Sony player, it takes a long time to boot up, load the disc and get to the video. The movie companies have filled the discs with ads, legal disclaimers and many of the extras don’t add any real value.
      I think blu-ray has already peaked. I can get HD video on demand from my satellite provider (or cable), Netflix, Amazon, iTunes, etc.
      Anyway, you asked my opinion….

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