Forum Question: Wireshark Antivirus Virus on Macs

There is a computer virus called ‘Wireshark Antivirus’ circulating on the internet for pcs. I was wondering if you have heard any reports of a mac getting the virus? The virus is simply a fake antivirus program that is trying to convince people to give out their credit card info.

— matt

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    8/13/10 @ 1:19 pm

    Macs can’t get Windows viruses — by definition they infect the Windows OS. So they only infect that OS. (If there was a Mac virus, it wouldn’t be able to infect the Windows OS either.)
    But Phishing is a problem that transcends viruses. It is simply the act of trying to trick you into giving up personal information like a credit card number. It can happen as part of a virus, sure, but it is more likely a fake Web site or other scam — even a non-Internet scam.
    See episode 54:

    8/13/10 @ 2:25 pm

    Are there any known viruses for the current Mac OS?

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