Get the Most From Safari With the Favorites Bar

The Favorites Bar allows you to have links easily accessible right at the top of your Safari window. You can also add folders to pack in even more links. The links and folders have special features if you use the context menus or modifier keys.

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    Bob R
    4 years ago

    Excellent, Gary! I make extensive use of Favorites all day every day. And I also make use of Bookmarks, mainly to remember websites. But there's even more than I knew. You showed me a LOT of things about Favorites that I did not know. Keep up the fine work!

    Matthew Brooks
    4 years ago

    This 'replace tabs' tip is a godsend - a thousand thanks Gary.
    It's time I began experimenting with option/click, as there seems to be a wealth of goodies hiding behind that combo.

    Dan C.
    4 years ago

    Great video. However, when I try to add Emoji by using control, command, space, all of my open windows just spread out on the desk top. This key short cut does not work for me. I am running BigSur and up to date. Any idea why control, command, space does not get me to the viewer.

    4 years ago

    Dan: It sounds like at some point you re-assigned this key to something else, perhaps something in System Preferences, Keyboard, Shortcuts, Mission Control. Check there and reset that shortcut to get the default functionality for Control+Command+Space back. It is also possible you installed some other windows manager or something that took over that shortcut, though I don't imagine they would use this combo as it would create problems for a lot of people.

    James Anthony Theiler
    4 years ago

    Maybe a good follow-up video might be how to configure your browser, like trying to remember your browser. It never seems to work for me.

    Jim Thompson
    3 years ago

    I replaced bookmark names with emoji but they also showed up on my wife's iPad, which she doesn't want. How do I keep that from happening? Thanks!

    3 years ago

    Jim: It sounds like you are both using the same Apple ID/iCloud Account. Therefore, the system is treating you like you are the same person. You should both have different Apple IDs and be logged into those different accounts on your devices.

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