Getting Help With Your Mac, iPhone or iPad

Asking for troubleshooting help is usually very difficult to do using the Internet. Most problems need to be seen first-hand to be solved. MacMost is a how-to web site and does not offer one-to-one help. If you are having trouble, you should consider the following options:

  • If you have a “how do I” question then ask in the MacMost forum. Do not ask “something is broken” questions here, it is only for learning how to do things, not for customer support.

  • Visit your local Apple Store: Each Apple Store has a Genius Bar where you can ask questions. Experts there can take a look at your Mac, iPhone, iPad or other device and help you figure out the issue. This service is free and you do not have to have a current Apple warranty (AppleCare) to use the Genius Bar. Just make an appointment and ask for help.

  • Try the official Apple discussion forums: MacMost is a how-to video podcast and blog. We are all about helping you get the most from your Mac. We specialize in showing you how to accomplish tasks using your Apple products. Fix-it advice is not really our thing. While we like to help, we realize that we need to concentrate on what we do best and leave troubleshooting to the Genius Bar, other experts and the Apple forums.

  • Alternatively, try the MacRumors Forums. There is a very active community there of users helping other users.

  • Ask a friend to have a look: There really is no substitute for first-hand help. Even a top expert can’t solve most problems unless they can get see the device for themselves and work with you in-person to fix the issue. If you don’t any Apple experts nearby, perhaps consider joining a local Apple users group.