You can view your Gmail email through the built-in Mail app, and you can also use Safari to access it through the web. But the best way to use Gmail is through Google’s free Gmail App. This lets you get notifications, read threaded conversations, label messages the Gmail way and use special Gmail features like priority inbox.

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    2/16/12 @ 10:34 am

    What are the top three email services, in your opinion. As you can see, i am still on AOL from the aol haydays and use Firefox on my macbook pro and iPhone.

      2/16/12 @ 10:42 am

      Depends on what you include. People who work for companies or schools would probably put their company or school at number 1. People who have their own web sites would put their web host at or near the top. For everyone else, I would save iCloud and Gmail are the only two I recommend. I would not recommend Yahoo or Hotmail to anyone. But there are many other smaller companies that also provide excellent service. I’m just not in the business of reviewing them, so I have no recommendations.

    Mike S
    2/16/12 @ 11:10 am


    I have been using e-mail since 1980 — Gmail is the best service I have ever used, it’s not even close. I have a bunch of different e-mail addresses and my own domain name — but, behind the scenes, everything feeds into Gmail. I keep a backup copy locally (via IMAP) on my hard drive using Thunderbird, as well to take occasional advantage of a few features that Gmail lacks (e.g. sorting by attributes other than date, easily working w/ thousands of msgs at a time, etc.).

    I also love the tight integration between Gmail and iOS — perfect instant syncing of e-mail, contacts and calendar between my Windows PC, iPhone and iPad. A little tricky to set up — I documented the process and posted it in the Google help forum.

    I have tried to love the Gmail iOS app — really I have. But, I hate it — and use the iPhone’s native e-mail app instead. The only time I use the Gmail app is when I have to do a msg search on the server — the iPhone only searches local msgs.

    Gary, as always: thank you for your newsletter.

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