MacMost Now 64: Guitar Hero III

Gary Rosenzweig takes a look at Guitar Hero III, the first guitar simulation game for the Mac.
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On this episode of MacMost Now let me show you how to use your Mac to rock.
So unless you've been living under a rock, and by that I mean, the rock hit you on the head so you're actually in a coma, you've heard of Guitar Hero. Guitar Hero is the game that allows you to play a little toy guitar and make you feel kind of like a rock star. Guitar Hero 3 is available for the Mac, and I've been playing it for a while... on and off, here and there, you know, I dunno, several hours a day. So, umm, let me go and show you what it's like.
Okay, here with Guitar hero you've got a strum bar and you've got frets. You hold down the fret that matches the color of the note that you see passing on the screen and you strum at the right time. And that's it and you're playing guitar. Now for a scene to get more complicated it throws more colors at you. You kind of feel like you're playing a guitar, but not quite. The bottom line is that it's a lot easier to play Guitar Hero than to actually play guitar. But, it's a lot of fun.
Now in addition to being a lot of fun I find Guitar Hero very interesting, in that, it's a very non-violent game. I mean, it's a game that just develops music and coordination. So it's a great game to play with your kids and your whole extended family.
Now, it can be addicting, I've heard of people playing every night for hours ignoring their family and their friends, and things like that. I hear anyway.
Now this is version three of guitar hero. The first versions were available only on consoles like the PS2. Um, so Guitar Hero 3 is the first one available for PC and MAC. Guitar Hero has a younger brother, but one of those younger brothers is actually bigger than the older brother, that's Rock Band which you may have also seen. This is a console-only game for XBox360, PS3 and soon the Wii. The thing about Rock Band is not only can you play guitar but you can play guitar, bass, a drum kit and sing all at the same time, so you can have lots of fun with your friends.
Guitar Hero 3 for the Mac has some pretty high system requirements. You're going to need an Intel Processor a really up-to-date system, and even my very powerful mac book pro sometimes has a little bit of trouble with it.
Guitar Hero 3 costs about $70 or so and comes with the guitar. You can find out more information at the official website. If you want to just try it out you will find that Guitar Hero and Rock Band are on display at a lot of consumer electronics stores just available for you to try out. It's a lot of fun. Or you may want to find a friend that's got one and try it out there. Although be warned most people that try it out at a friends house usually end up buying it.
Until Next time this is Gary Rosenzweig with MacMost now.