How To Change Instruments Used By Loops In GarageBand

When you use Software Instrument Loops in GarageBand, you can switch the instrument used by the loop to something else. For instance, a piano loop can be changed to use guitar or orchestral strings. You can also change the drum kit instrument used by drum loops. Software Instrument Loops can even be edited at the note level to create unique loops.

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    5 years ago

    What version of garage band are you using? I have 10.3.2

    5 years ago

    Dan: I always use the latest for my tutorials. 10.3.2 is the current version.

    Joseph L. Juliano
    5 years ago

    I find Garage Band so confusing and I’ve been a pro musician for 50 years. That may be why—pre digital. Would you confider a Udemy course of the basic song production. YouTubes don’t start basic enough, simple guitar recordings. I’ve reverted to cassette but can’t do multi track.
    Thanks for MacMost

    5 years ago

    Joseph: I'd love to do a course on GarageBand, but two things hold me back. First, GarageBand is huge. A comprehensive course would also have to be huge. So a lot of work and a low return since not as many people use it as other apps. I could easily make a big course and not have time to cover certain aspects of GarageBand, and then have people sign up for it that use only those aspects I didn't cover. The second reason is that I'm not a musician. I don't think it would make sense for me to make a course on GarageBand as I can't even demonstrate simple things like the very thing you want: simple guitar recordings.

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